Humming Homes

Developed an MVP for Humming Homes, a startup aiding second homeowners with property upkeep. Led backend service creation and admin app development for task management and member approval.


FuzzProduct Development,Architecture

Project Overview

Humming Homes is a start-up focused on assisting second home owners with maintaining their properties. The goal of the start-up is to provide a service that handles all the in-between tasks involved in caring for a home, allowing home owners to alleviate the stresses of home maintenance and enjoy their time in their second homes more. This includes managing various vendors, such as plumbers and landscapers, and ensuring the home is in tip-top shape.

The client approached our engineering team at Fuzz to collaborate on creating an MVP experience for their test pilot in The Hamptons in the Summer of 2020. We worked closely with the client, adopting a lean and agile approach to meet their needs. Despite the need for agility, the client expressed a strong desire for the app to feel polished and professional, particularly targeting a more affluent market.

Ideation and User Testing

Our task was to create an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) for the Humming Homes app and service, targeting a test pilot in The Hamptons in the Summer of 2020. The app aims to provide a seamless and professional experience for second home owners, enabling them to delegate day-to-day tasks and ensure their homes are well-maintained.

To achieve the desired outcome, our team engaged in comprehensive work-shopping sessions with the client. Through these sessions, we identified multiple user roles within the app, including Home Owner, The Humming Pro (service provider), Vendors, and Admin. By conceptualizing and narrowing down the features, we developed a simple and elegant task management tool as the MVP.

MVP Build

My task was to handle the creation of all backend services and the corresponding admin app for Admins to add/ approve new members and manage the home's tasks.

API Tech: Firebase:

Utilizing Firebase allowed us to move as quickly as possible to get the test in users hands to start gathering feedback.

Admin Tech: React:

Built in days with firebase handling authentication + interaction with the backend.

Pilot Success and Beyond

Happily, the pilot test in The Hamptons was a success! As a result, Humming Homes has been able to hire their own internal team to continue iterating upon features and design. With our role in the project complete, further updates and developments have been managed by Humming Homes' internal team.