Shea Moisture

An ad series I developed on a tight deadline for Vayner Media to promote Shea Moisture products. Built using PNG spritesheets and GSAP animations.

WirewaxInteractive Video
Heads up: these videos were built during my time at Wirewax and were made possible in part due to their motion tracking technology powering these experiences. Now that Wirewax has been acquired and it's features have been integrated into Vimeo, similar results should be achievable with their interactive toolset.

Shea Moisture - Coconut Charcoal Collection Overview

Shea Moisture - Wash n' Go

Shea Moisture - Space Bun

Shea Moisture - Go with the Fro

Shea Moisture - Coconut Hibiscus :30

Shea Moisture - Coconut Hibiscus :15

Shea Moisture - Jamaican Black Soap :15