Wirewax Voice

I spearheaded the development of an Voice-driven video control system at Wirewax, crafting Alexa skills and their associated serverless websocket services to enable pairing and control.

WirewaxInteractive Video
Heads up: these videos were built during my time at Wirewax and were made possible in part due to their motion tracking technology powering these experiences. Now that Wirewax has been acquired and it's features have been integrated into Vimeo, similar results should be achievable with their interactive toolset.

In early 2019 I was asked to begin to explore how voice control would work for Wirewax videos, for example on a TV. Rather than hack together a staged demo I decided I would build it for real. Over the next month I iterated and built a fully serverless, web-sockets based, real-time video control architecture.

In total I built 3 Alexa skills(Wirewax, Turner Plus and Epix Enhanced), each with its own AWS hosted serverless websocket service to facilitate pairing and issuing commands.

The following Epix Enhanced video can be controlled with the Epix Enhanced skill above. password: ep1x3nhanc3d

The following Turner Plus video based off of the Epix framework I built can be controlled with the Turner Plus skill above.